Grants and Bursaries

The IDS gives grants and bursaries in support of its declared aims: to promote the study and enjoyment of trees and other woody plants, to bring together dendrologists from all round the world, and to protect and conserve rare and endangered plant species worldwide.

The most important ongoing project is the creation of what has become known as Trees and Shrubs Online, a resource freely available to all.

In recent years we have also contributed to a wide range of researches: studying magnolias for urban planting; helping towards an ex-situ conservation project in Madagascar; an MA student researching plant hunting for commercial horticulture; to an international symposium on Maples; and a lecturer from Sri Lanka was funded to attend a BGCI conference in Ireland. All of these are reported on in our Yearbook. We also supported various publications including a book on the planthunter Robert Fortune; another on Joseph Hooker; a Field Guide to Argentinian flora; and to a Flora of Golestan, Iran.

We have given bursaries to a number of young dendrologists so they could join IDS tours: to the Czech Republic; to Hungary; to New Caledonia; to Poland; and to West Yunnan, amongst others. The bursary recipients undertake to write a report of their travels, published in the Yearbook.

In 2020 unfortunately the tour that was to host the student could not run due to the coronavirus. Two young dendrologists were going to join the tour travelling to the West Baltic; one of these will now travel on a 2021 tour, and the other on the rescheduled West Baltic tour in 2022, so our next application date for an IDS Bursary will not be until autumn 2022, for whichever 2023 tour is considered most appropriate.

If you are seeking funding for a project that might accord with our declared interests, forms for application can be found here [institution] [individual]