IDS Winter Webinars 2021

Wednesday 8 December 2021 - DAN HINKLEY - "Exceptional Recent Woody Plant Collections from Asia" Registration HERE

The IDS webinars are offered free of charge and your donation in appreciation is most gratefully received.

Recent broadcasts:
Wednesday 10 November 2021 - JOHN ANDERSON. - "Discovering Arboreal Treasures In British And Irish GardensDiscovering Arboreal Treasures In British And Irish Gardens"

Wednesday 24 November 2021 - PHILIPPE DE SPOELBERCH - "Oaks of the world, from California to Hokkaido"

IDS Spring 2021 Webinar Lecture SeriesFollowing the live presentation you will find recordings of the lectures kindly presented on behalf of the Scientific & Educational Committee for a limited period. We aim to have the recordings available within a week of the presentation.

The following have now been removed to protect copyright.

1. The Second Golden Age of Woody Plants presented by Maurice Foster VMH

2. Why Trees? by Dr John Grimshaw

3. Maples in the Wild by Philippe de Spoelberch.

4. Magnolia Introductions from UK & Europe by Jim Gardiner

5. Insights from arboreal investigation of the tallest conifers by Professor Stephen C. Sillett

Further Webinars are to take place in November & December 2021 and recordings of these will be made available here usually 4 days following the live lecture.

These lectures are made freely available to Members and non-Members. Donations towards the continued work of the Society may be made by clicking:

Winter Lecture 2020 (audio).

An audio recording of the highly praised Lecture from Ned Friedman, Tree Obsessions: Celebrating the ephemeral in long-lived plants, presented to members in February 2020, is available on the following link: Winter Lecture 2020 audio recording